Monday, 3 August 2015

Driving lessons Brighton

July, 2015

Would love to say a huge thank you to Ray Brewster, who taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test and become a safe and confident driver. Took me a while to get there due to university and work commitments, but Ray was always very accommodating and would work hard to fit my lessons around a busy schedule and keep me motivated. He made every lesson enjoyable and was patient no matter how difficult I found it. Can’t thank you enough Ray for finally getting me on the road! Amy Trevatt. Brighton.

Driving schools Crawley

July, 2015

Hi my name is Erhan Coskun. I am very happy that I had taken lesson from Mr Giles Blanch who teach me, how I need kill my nerves. He told me, when I have to sit to practical test, I shouldn't think about the person who going to lead me to pass or fail. Which gave me feeling that they hate! me and I'm going to fail again. I never give up on trying. I have changed 2 instructors, they were giving me more pressure, it wasn't there fault! It was me with my nerves problem. My brother find Mr Giles Blanch. Every time I have taken lesson with him, I have seen more improvement on my nerves and driving how I should be. My English isn't very perfect I would be happy if you shorten it where it doesn't make sense. There is only thing that I could say to you if you looking forward to Pass yours. Erhan Coskun. Crawley.