Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Driving instructors Heathfield

26th October, 2013

Learning with L-Plates enabled me to learn quickly and to the best of my ability. John Leeming as an instructor is excellent to work with. He is patient and allows you as the learner to keep going until you are driving both efficiently and safely and so you can complete a manoeuvre perfectly. He always listened to me first; asking before every lesson what I wanted to focus on. Overall he gave me the confidence to sit behind the wheel and drive confidently in different situations. He is a lovely guy to know and have a chat with and I can't thank him and his little KA enough for the past few months. Thank you John, hope for much more success with you and future learners for years to come. Liam Richner. Heathfield. 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Driving instructors Hastings

26th October, 2013

I'd just like to say that learning with Mark Napier has been a very enjoyable experience. Mark and I really got on well and it was a pleasure to go out for lessons with him. I'm thrilled to have passed first time, I couldn't have done it without the excellent teaching form Mark. I will recommend Mark and L-plates to anyone I know learning to drive. Thanks again. In a way I will miss learning to drive, but like everything we have to move on and take to the road alone. Regards Alastiar Farquhar. Hastings.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Driving schools Bexhill

14th October, 2013

I learnt with Frank McLaren from L'Plates Driving School and the experience was fun and enjoyable and always made my lessons worth looking forward to, not only did he have confidence in me, but he helped me have confidence in myself! L'Plates are reliable and always work with you and your schedule, i passed first time with L'Plates thanks to the loyalty and support the instructors give you. Lisa Livingstone. Bexhill.

Driving lessons Redhill

9th October, 2013

From the very first lesson, my instructor John Mell was professional, but friendly. Ensuring that I could always ask questions. He was always patient, especially when I asked the same things twice! 
John was fantastic at making me feel confident to move onto the next part of my learning, but never rushed me, ensuring we spent enough time on each part, but also encouraging me to move forward and improve my knowledge and road experience. 
After my first lesson I felt at ease, and I was sure John was the right instructor to help me pass. I would throughly recommend him, as after 2 other driving instructors, I should know!
John - Many thanks again, I looked forward to our lessons, and I'm sure future students will too. Chris Colman. Redhill.

Automatic driving instructors Brighton

8th October, 2013

I would like to say a huge thank you to my driving instructor Terry Bardsley for helping me pass my driving test! Terry is by far the best instructor I've had and being my fourth instructor he really made my lessons enjoyable and i felt at ease, whereas i didnt have this with previous instructors. Im so grateful to terry as passing my test really is the best feeling ever! Thank you terry for your fantastic teaching, your friendship, and most of all the laughs along the way! Im going to miss our lessons ! Natalie Mcgettrick :) Brighton.

Driving instructors Worthing

8th October, 2013

I would like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor Frank Judah after passing my test today. I would highly recommend him to any learner drivers, especially for those lacking in confidence he is brilliant at helping you to build it up. I felt like Frank was not just teaching me to simply get through my driving test, but also to develop the skills and knowledge I needed for a lifetime of safe driving which is so important for a time when the road is potentially such a dangerous place to be, especially for inexperienced drivers. Frank is very friendly and approachable and I never felt hesitant to ask what I thought were silly questions! Thank you very much Frank. Jennifer Bacchus. Worthing.

Driving schools Worthing

1st October, 2013

I would like to say a big thank you to Frank Judah for getting me through my driving test, great teacher would recommend. Russel Jackson. Worthing.

Driving lessons Tunbridge Wells

30th September, 2013

I would highly recommend Colin Dawes to anyone learning to drive, he was incredibly patient, reliable and always helpful. He made me feel very at easy and comfortable and readily prepared me in every way. I could not have asked for a better teacher. Molly Guy. Tunbridge Wells.

Driving lessons Forest Row

28th September, 2013

Colin Dawes was such a great instructor. Having already had quite a bit practise, he gave me the opportunity to drive freely while giving me clear instructions of how to do manoeuvres and giving me great help leading up to the exam and practical. I couldn't be happier with his positive attitude to driving which helped me relax and ultimately allowed me to feel completely comfortable behind the wheel!
I also found it hugely helpful having the free theory website to revise from before the test!
Thank you Colin! Phoebe. Forest Row.