Friday, 31 October 2014

Driving schools Brighton

October, 2014

I passed my test! I passed my test! I passed with the help of Mr. Dave West: A Driving Instructor with L Plates School and a classic example of effortless cool! Nothing will phase him… so you can relax… if you put a foot wrong or miss your turn, he'll simply remind you that you're here to learn. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can be sure that he's driving with you. He'll watch your speed and observe your manoeuvres, you'll be taught the right way and in your own time… ( learning slowly isn't a crime. ) So if you feel anxious or prone to worry, just remember: there is no hurry! Driving down a residential road always remember the Dave West code: "Twenty's plenty!", "No need to speed", "it's a recommendation, not a target!" (driving with Dave is always a 'rave'!) If you like a laugh and a chuckle or two, learning with Dave will benefit you!! You can also be sure, if you're foot hits 'the floor' at the worst time, he'll be sharp on the brake…make no mistake! Whatever your weakness, whatever your strength, Dave will guide you right…or will that be left? Only you can decide the set of your sails but Dave will get you through all the rough gales! Stormy seas-the roads today, so you need an instructor who's more than "okay". You need to be certain you're getting the right stuff, poodling along just won't be enough. It's a tough 'ol' test so you'll need the best…. Need I say more about Mr. Dave West? Shelley Robert Ginger. Brighton. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Automatic driving instructors Hastings

October, 2014

When I began looking for driving lessons in February 2014, L Plates was the best value for money. I actually saved money by buying my lessons in blocks of 10. I started my lessons in early March with my instructor, Mark Napier. Since the first phone call, I felt very relaxed and at ease with him. As a college student, Mark was able to fit my lessons around my college commitments, which I was very grateful for. 
In each lesson, with the new things I had to learn, Mark explained everything thoroughly and it made it easier to understand. Most of my lessons were 2 hours long, so I had the time to really understand and practice the new skills I was learning. If there was anything I was struggling with, Mark picked up on it straight away and helped me through it. Mark was always so patient and understanding, which is something that's really needed in a driving instructor. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. 
After 7 months of learning with Mark, I passed my driving test, first time, with only 2 faults! I have no hesitation in recommending this driving school to anyone. Thank you so much, L Plates and of course, my fantastic teacher, Mark! Maybe I'll see you on the roads sometime soon. :) 
Blair Head, 18, Hastings.

Driving instructors Lancing

October, 2014

Not learning to drive from the age of 17 was one of my biggest regrets and now at the age of 34, the more the years rolled on, the more daunting the task seemed. Learning to drive became a necessity for my working career and so it was now or never. I was recommend L Plates Driving School and in particular, Frank Judah, by a colleague of mine who had also passed at a later age. I have found Frank friendly and patient and also pragmatic in resolving issues. He is well balanced in his teaching technique to help work on these issues and also his praise for my achievements. Frank is punctual, reliable and made the whole process more enjoyable than daunting. For an area of the country that boasts numerous independent and national driving schools which would spin the head of any new learner when it comes to choosing a suitable and reliable name, I would highly recommend L Plates Driving School and Frank and his colleagues, especially if they are as personable and thorough in their teachings as Frank, for pupils of all ages. Its never too late to learn and learn well. Shannon Parker. Lancing.

Driving lessons Hove

October, 2014

I really enjoyed and gained good driving experience with my instructor Ray Brewster, I was in safe and experienced hands and really learned a lot in my driving lessons, I learned to control the vehicle, be safe, efficient and a competent driver. Driving on all types of roads and dealing with all situations you come up against when on the road. I passed my driving test first time so this and all of the above is why I have given the service and quality 5 out of 5. Chloe Hausdoerfer. Hove. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Driving schools Hove

October, 2014

I couldn't recommend Jim Eckford enough. I had heard about him from a friend of mine, and knew of his reputation because I knew a lot of people who had learned to drive with him; a reputation I hasten to add that is thoroughly and wholly deserved.
To split it into the two most important aspects. Firstly, Jim creates the perfect atmosphere for learning to drive. If you thought being the passenger in a car driven by a potentially dangerous Learner was a scary prospect, you wouldn't have known it from him. He is dead calm in the car, which gives you the confidence in your own ability to drive and make decisions on the road that you need to make the most of your time behind the wheel. He also has the judgement and wisdom to know every rut or barrier you may encounter and help you overcome them.
Secondly, he is a master of getting people through the driving test. I learnt to drive from scratch in only 3 months, with only 2 minors. A major miracle for someone who could never be described as a 'natural driver'. If you feel unsure about driving, need to learn quickly for any reason or fancy passing the test first time then look no further than Jim; it is full value for money learning with him. Alex Trafford, 18, Hove.

Driving schools Horley

October, 2014

As a lapsed learner my instructor, John Mell was able to get me into a position so that I was test ready in just over 2 months. He taught in a calm, safe demeanour which enabled me to relax and drive to a high standard. He was also able to plan the lessons in a way that they were always challenging and engaging without to much repetition. This service was also extremely good value for money as he also planned the lessons so that I always got the best deal. James Gordon. Horley. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Driving schools Bexhill

October, 2014

I came to driving very late. At 17, I had showed no interest in driving and instead spent my money elsewhere. It was only at the age of 22 that I thought I should get on and do it. This meant that when I finally sat in front of the wheel for the first time, I hadn't a clue what I was doing but felt that it was far overdue. My instructor, Frank McLaren, was incredible. He stated in our first lesson that his only rule was not to apologise. We are there to learn. If we knew it all to begin with, then there would be no reason for us to be there. Although I broke this rule about twenty times a lesson, as I was continually making mistakes, Frank never complained, never got angry, just advised on the best way to avoid these next time around. Frank is patient, kind and an excellent teacher. And when I passed, it was such a relief for both of us because we had both worked so hard to achieve it. I would happily recommend Frank as a driving instructor as I genuinely don't have anything bad to say about him. Listen to what he says, and if only half of it sinks in, you'll still end up a great driver. Becky Stovold. Bexhill. 

Driving instructors Bexhill

October, 2014

Many thanks to Frank McLaren for getting me through my driving test. He is a great teacher with a lot of patience! I would highly recommend him. Michael Deans. Bexhill. 

Automatic driving lessons Peacehaven

October, 2014

I tried to learn to drive 3 different times with 3 different driving schools but always ended up quitting as there was always something missing and I didn't enjoy it.i left it 9 years but decided that I now needed to be able to drive now that I'm a mother. Terry Bardsley at L Plates was amazing. He gave me confidence when I had none and made me smile through every lesson. I don't think he realises how good he is with dealing with any situation thrown at him. I passed my test first time with no faults and I owe it all to him, I've come away with not only my licence but a true friend for life! Thank you Terry xx Clare. Peacehaven. 

Driving instructors Worthing

October, 2014

Frank Judah was patient, friendly, calm and reliable. Always arriving on time, his lessons were always focused and considered. He has a genuine passion for his job and really wants every student to do well. Highly Recommended. David Bennett. Worthing. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Driving instructors Brighton

October, 2014

I’m sat on the couch watching the clock. My palms are all clammy. Beep beep, Damn! He’s on time (again). Why am I so anxious? I’m learning to drive a Suzuki Swift not a Jumbo Jet! 
I’m not sure what it was, but as soon as I sat behind the wheel, all of those nerves seemed to disappear. Was it the feeling of power? Being within touching distance of true freedom? Or the air-con? I guess maybe it was just the calming influence of my bald, 6’3” driving instructor sat in the passenger seat? Dave always made me feel relaxed. He had my weak points and anxieties down within a couple of hours so knew exactly what might be on my mind.
Any worries were laid to rest after a few lessons. I found that the lesson plan of learning something new, practicing it and then starting the next lesson with a recap meant soon, we were just meeting up for a nice little drive from Brighton to Burgess Hill and back each week. Sometimes we stopped for Ice-cream which sounds more romantic than it actually was.
Driving was going well, I had control of the car. I had found my biting point and kept it at the tip of my toes, ready and waiting for when it was time to learn the manoeuvres.
The first was the emergency stop. Tyre screeches and a puff of smoke, I had this one in the bag. I graduated and progressed onto the turn-in-the-road. This one used to spring up a few surprises (narrow roads, oncoming traffic, uneven road surfaces) But I paid attention to Dave’s instructions and it quickly became second nature. Parallel parking was the only one I HAD to get right! Not for me but for my wife (who’s been doing it wrong for years – she learnt with another school!) And when it came to reversing around corners and into car parking bays, Dave made me a master of these after the 2nd attempt (no one is perfect)
It’s fair to say that by the time my practical came around I wasn’t so much nervous but sad that my lessons may be over as they ended up being very enjoyable.
If you learn with L-Plates and are lucky enough to get Dave, look after him, he’s getting old!
Matt - 34, Brighton. Passed with 2 minors (which I contest but I wasn’t going to argue).

Automatic driving instructors Worthing

September, 2014

At a little shy of 42 years old I decided that I should give learning to drive one more shot, having tried, failed and been mortified by the process, at age 17.
My instructor, Terry Bardsley, was fantastic,for a number of reasons. Not only did he achieve what I believed to be the unachievable (getting me to pass a test), he also gave me the confidence to think that it may actually just be possible.
As well as supporting me to beat my nerves, Terry also assisted me with my severe lack of co-ordination, which I would put down to his brilliant teaching skills and a calm, humorous personality. A lesser man would have refused the challenge!
Whilst I am extremely grateful to Terry for the hours of patient instruction he gave me, I must also apologise to him for the amount of times things went over my head, the times I lost the ability to use words from the question booklet, and instead went flouncing off on an absolute tangent, and for the first test, when I managed to make a three point turn look like a routine from Strictly Come Dancing.
In closing, I have had the best experience learning to drive this time round, and will genuinely miss my weekly lessons with Terry. I cannot recommend him highly enough as an instructor. Jerry Kirbell-Garlick. Worthing. 

Driving instructors Redhill

September, 2014

John Mell was a fantastic driving instructor, he made learning to drive a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I looked forward to all my lessons which were always fun and I improved quickly under his guidance. I felt completely at ease in his care and enjoyed every lesson. Thank you! Amy Penny. Redhill.