Monday, 24 November 2014

Driving schools Hastings

November, 2014

When I decided that I needed to learn to drive to improve my career options, I shopped around online and found L Plates the best value and within 24 hours of contacting them, Frank McLaren had called me and my first lesson was booked. 
In the eight months since I started learning, Frank has been a brilliant tutor. His patience and calming nature has been very important because as a learner driver, you will make mistakes and become frustrated with yourself. In such instances, he will calmly and thoroughly explain what went wrong and how to avoid it happening again. 
Frank was very flexible when it came to booking lessons and worked around my work schedule despite being very busy with other learners. When learning during the week became more difficult because of work commitments, Frank was very open to the idea of lessons on a Sunday which I was very grateful for. 
Whether it was a one or two hour lesson, Frank supplied me with a variety of routes that allowed me to gain a greater experience of different scenarios drivers face every day. We regularly practiced each of the manoeuvres that you can be asked to demonstrate in your test to the point that I felt very confident with each of them on the day of my test. 
All in all, learning to drive was a fantastic, enjoyable journey (pardon the pun) and I would certainly recommend L Plates and Frank McLaren to anyone looking to start driving. Jack Pierce. Hastings. 

Driving instructors Tonbridge

November, 2014

A massive thank you to Colin Dawes for being such a great driving instructor. 
L Plates offer great value for money and I have found the whole process a pleasurable one. Colin was flexible with his times and was always on time if not early. He made me feel calm and relax and allowed me to gain the confidence I needed for taking my driving test. 
Having struggled in the past with my driving, Colin helped me get rid of my bad habits and gave me great tips and advice to making something hard a simple process. 
I will highly recommend Colin and L Plates. Thanks again! Laura Allen. Tonbridge.

Driving schools Hailsham

November, 2014

Really helpful, clear and patient with helping me learn to drive, made it really easy to pick up and really enjoyable. No minors in my test first time thanks to John Leeming! Zack Sutherland. Hailsham.

Driving lessons Horley

November, 2014

Would just like to thank my instructor John Mell, with whom I would not of been able to pass my test! He is great teacher and a very nice guy to work with. Would recommend anyone of friends to go with him and L Plates. Its cheap and affordable learning and the quality of the stuff you learn in good time is amazing. Will miss working with John, Was a pleasure. Hopefully will see you on the road! Lauren Steer. Harley.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Driving schools Tunbridge Wells

November, 2014

I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to my instructor Colin Dawes for helping me pass driving test yesterday. Colin is a fantastic instructor who is very professional, patient and organized. Colin plans each lessons in a very methodical way, identifying and rectifying weak points of his students, providing support in making better decisions on the road, installing confidence in tackling difficult situations and helping you make a better and safe driver. His vast experience helps in early spotting of any issue you may encounter while driving and also prepares you the best way of getting through the driving tests. 
Once again many thanks to Colin and L-Plates for helping me pass my test. 
I would highly recommend Colin to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. He will not just get you through the driving test; he will also prepare you for the real test after you pass. Satish. Tunbridge Wells.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Driving lessons Sevenoaks

November, 2014

Colin from Sevenoaks, has been the best instructor I could have asked for. He is a very friendly hard working man who is takes his students driving tests very personally. When I had my first lesson with him I was quite nervous but Colin is very calming and keeps his cool in sticky situations. This means that you build up your confidence a lot quicker than any other Instructor. I have recommended lplates to all my friends to take driving lessons. Overall I am very happy with lplates and I will look forward to seeing Colin again when my sister takes her driving lessons. Thanks again, Harry Smoker. :)

Monday, 3 November 2014

Driving schools Lewes

October, 2014

Ray Brewster was a very good instructor. I was with 2 others before and didn't find them good at all but Ray helped me out with my theory test because I was struggling and then got me throw my test. L plates is definitely a good driving school and very happy with passing. Melissa Richardson. Lewes.

Driving lessons Brighton

October, 2014

I discovered L Plates after hours of researching local driving schools online, as I had a negative experience with one of the large national driving schools a year ago. 
Straight away it became very evident why they have so many glowing reviews. My instructor was Dave West, and from the moment I called to enquire about availability, the service has been consistently excellent. 
After explaining the experience with my previous driving instructor, Dave put together a structured and comprehensive plan to ensure I felt absolutely confident in all aspects of driving. 
For me, it wasn't just about 'passing my test', although that was obviously a major part of it. As an older driver (early 30's) with a young family, it was extremely important that I felt my driving was completely safe and that I had the knowledge needed to make the right decisions behind the wheel, as once I passed my test I would be driving a car full of passengers. 
Well, Dave could not have done more to tailor my lessons to achieve this. I really felt that every aspect of my lesson was mapped out, so no time in the car was wasted. I especially liked that fact that Dave (and L Plates) provided supporting materials to complement what you're learning during the lessons. Dave provided foolproof methods for all the manoeuvres, which immediately gives you the confidence to carry them out successfully. Before you know it, you're not just completely confident in your techniques, you're actually looking forward to doing them as you know you have the ability to execute them perfectly - I now have a bit of a thing for reversing round a corner!
What I found really good was that Dave always went beyond just 'telling you' what to do, but explained the reason behind it and lets you do everything in your own time, never rushing you and never making you feel that you 'should have learnt it by now'. For me, this patience helped me learn properly and the reasoning behind it all makes it 'stick' as you truly understand what you're doing and why you're doing it. 
The results of the lessons was that I went in for my test feeling CONFIDENT and thanks to Dave and L Plates, I passed - I only wish I found L Plates first time around. 
If like me, you've spent hours trying to find a driving school that really cares about your driving and does everything to support you, then look no further. Give them a call and look forward to becoming the best driver you can be. Howard Doney. Brighton.