Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Driving Schools Hove

August, 2017

L Plates has proved to me to be a driving school of exceptionally high standard of professional teaching. As L Plates helped me to achieve a goal that I never thought I would never make. Learning to drive properly and passing the driving test (doing it with 2 minor faults). Jim Eckford has been an excellent instructor with a wealth of practical and theory driving knowledge. Top notch dedicated instructor with the patience to guide anybody who is really does want to learn to drive correctly and safely. Thank you L Plates for value for money and providing the best quality driving education and support through the theory and practical tests! David Corti-Griffiths. Hove. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Driving Schools Tonbridge

August, 2017 

I 100% recommend L Plates Driving School. Colin, the instructor that was chosen for me, was very calm and relaxed throughout my whole experience of learning to drive. He taught me what not to do and didn't lecture me about the mistakes I made (and I made a lot of them!), simply told me what I done wrong and what to do to avoid doing it again. 

Colin is extremely friendly, I found the more I learnt to drive with him, the more we got to know each other, the more it felt like a normal drive around. I was learning at the same time but it didn't feel like a lesson which helped to keep my nerves down. 

Unfortunately for me I let my nerves get the better of me for two of my tests, I knew myself I could do everything as did Colin. He was very good at helping me to stay calm and giving me good prep talks, making sure that I had practiced the parts that I was uncertain off before the test and giving me tips on how other students helped themselves to keep their nerves down. The 3rd test came around and it felt different to the other two, we hardly spoke to each other which helped me to picture how it would be in the test and when we got to the test centre we just had casual chats, it helped me completely forget about the fact that it was a test. I felt like it was a lesson more then a test due to neither myself nor Colin talking about it. 

Amazingly I passed with only 3 minors which was a complete and total shock to myself, Colin on the other hand knew how well I could do and ever doubted me as a driver. He always looked at the positives even with the tests I failed on, never gave up on me and kept giving me positive feedbacks which helped massively. 

I recommend everyone I know to learn with Colin, especially if they struggle with their nerves like I did. His calm, relaxed and easy going personality is exactly what I needed when I first began to learn, now I am on the road with my own car and have no concerns on how to do anything while being in the drivers seat. Just want to say a massive thank you to Colin himself as without his calmness I don't think I would have passed as soon as I did. Sophie Rose. Tonbridge. 

Driving Schools Crawley

August, 2017

Giles is an excellent driving instructor. He is very patient and courteous and explains all manoeuvres very clearly. I definitely recommend him for driving lessons. He has a good sense of humour as well! Elsie Amato. Crawley.